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Cattle Feeds

Cattle Feed :

Nearly 1.3 million tonnes of food is lost or wasted in west java indoneisa each year, with vegetables and fruit making up for almost 45-50 percent of this loss, presents an opportunity that can bridge the gap for animal feed. Additionally, it will help reduce the negative impact that the lost and waste food causes on the environment by reducing part of the carbon footprint.

MULTINDO company is making waste to wealth.  We have experimented with recycling food waste, surplus fruit, vegetables and their processing back to the food chain by converting it into animal feed.

These products are rich not only in protein and energy but also in various nutraceuticals. Based on their nutritive value these can be used either as roughage or as a protein source in the concentrate mixture. Most of these wastes have high acceptability and palatability among livestock. Concentrate feed mixture for ruminants (cattle, sheep, goat etc) can have up to 50 percent of the bottle gourd waste (pulp). Nutraceutical limonin extracted from kinnow juice waste has shown promising results as a growth promoter for poultry.

Multindo produce this wasted food pellet is above hundreds ton per month, we continuesly grow faster to provide custemers need.