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Indonesian Coconut Oil for Sale


CNO can be found in many applications listed as Coconut Oil: in body and hair lotions; soaps and detergents; cooking oil and in all applications that call for shortening; medications for abrasions, skin rashes, and burns; as lighting and engine fuel oil.

Traditionally, coconut oil has been extracted from the dried flesh of often-rotten nuts, a product called “copra.” This partially processed product is dried over the course of a few days, often labor intensive and dirty work in remote locations, and limited to men.

Copra is then transported by any means possible to large industrial oil mills that process it using costly capital equipment and noxious chemicals to sterilize it. If transportation to the mill takes too long, mold or bacterial growth occurs, which leads to rancidity. Commercial refinement at high pressures with chemicals removes the nutritive antioxidants and other beneficial components of the coconut, changing a highly nutritious and natural product into something toxic.