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Brief History of the Company

CV Mutiara Mulya Sejahtera Tbk., which is we known as Multindo, has various businesses that have been operational since the early 1990s.

Early 2018 Year
  • The Multindo expanded their bussines to Natural Rubber, and varian of Tuna species from eastern of Indonesia, we send it to all over the world such as Africa, the Middle East and South Eastern Europe.
2017 Year
  • That is our frist imported peanuts from United state, with a good prices and good quality, The peanuts we received is from Georgia.
  • Entered the shipping business through the acquisition of mercyUSINdo.LLC for sending goods from USA to Indonesia.
2014 Year
  • We started to import Peanuts from China and india.
  • Exporting some of Species such as Gingger, and Black paper.
2005 Year
  • We collected and produce a lot of used cooking oil , delivered to Singapore for Bio gasoline company.
  • Also our partnership company such as PT. GARUDAFOOD, and PT. DADALI their produce a lot of waste food , so we collected and processing to be cattle feed .
1997 Year
  • Expanded its business integration by acquiring a group of companies involved in plantations, agribusiness and distribution.
1995 Year
  • Commenced backward integration with some noodles company to make peanuts oil as primary processing.
  • We developed some idea of traditional oil peanuts extraction.
1994 Year
  • We continuously developing trusted from our costumer , hit distribution all over java island.         
  • Incorporated as PD. Mutiara 788
  • Entered the snack foods business. Such as ; peanuts roaster, with or without shell
  • Has a several product of peanuts.