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Standar Rubber Indonesia ( SIR )


The requirement for natural rubber continues to increase with increasing population and economic growth. With income increasing, the demand for motorized vehicles and the automotive industry, the requirement of hospitals, medical equipment and households, will also increase the demand for rubber, both natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Based on the characteristics possessed by different natural rubber and synthetic rubber, they cannot replace each other but complement to each other. Therefore, efforts to increase the supply of rubber, especially the types of natural rubber and the rubber production industry, are steps that must be encouraged

Multindo specializes in providing commercial rubber sheets to the industry. Our inventory of sheet rubber consists of only natural rubber, like a natural gum rubber sheet, are great for use as general sealing materials.. If you need a rubber sheet for your application, chances are good that we have the right sheet rubber available for you.

Fabricating rubber sheets is an important part of what we do. If you want a custom part fabricated from your sheet rubber rolls, we have several different fabrication options for you. For the most accurate and high-quality fabrication, we request that a drawing of the parts be sent to us.

SIR ( Standart Indonesia Rubber): SIR 3L, SIR 10, SIR 20


Natural rubber (NR) is a “homopolymer” of “isoprene”. NR is produced from the sap (Latex) of the rubber plant (Hevea Brasiliensis).

Examples of trademarks and types:

TSR’s are the major volume grades of dry rubber in production and exports in the major NR exporting countries of the world. In Indonesia, the TSR is designated given is Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR).